El Tigre Azul’s Best and Worst of WWE Super Smackdown Presents: The Great American Bash (not starring Bork Laser)

El Tigre Azul’s Best and Worst of WWE Super Smackdown Presents:

The Great American Bash (not starring Bork Laser)

Why is it that when there is a group of people backstage on Raw, it’s practically the entire WWE roster, but when there’s a party on Smackdown, It’s strictly Mid-carders, NXT guys, and a couple divas?

Is that supposed to affirm that there is a “Brand Split” ? Because Cena, Punk, and Bryan were all there. Maybe they just don’t like Teddy Long?

WORST: Eve’s a Hoeski, let’s all make fun of her, because we sure liked it when she did it to us…

A wise man once said “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.” and Teddy Long has proven, that when he has power, he’s a sexist, formally racist, vindictive asshole. But according to Jerry Lawler he’d be a great GM!

BEST: Kane. BBQ-Firestarter.

I’m glad it was the only corny thing he did, cause he’s still got that monster thing going for him. But anyone that didn’t find that hilarious should just stop watching..

WORST: Alberto Del Rio needs to see your green card.

A slight BEST goes to the idea that someone can get heel heat for coming to this country LEGALLY. But this whole segment seemed almost as forced as ADR claiming his favorite Raw moment was DX invading WCW…

It didn’t get that much better when Sheamus showed up (does it ever?) but the fact that ADR took him out with his car hood, meant I didn’t have to see him any more, so that was a positive…

WORST: Claudio, Grab Hero, Call Gabe, let’s get the hell out of here…

Seriously? It’s moments like these that make me think Vince is trolling everyone. Khali taking out Claudio Castagnoli  Antonio Cesaro? The fact that we have to call him a former World Champion is horrible enough, but please, it makes my back hurt watching him walk…

BEST: Christian vs. Cody, on every show, forever.

It’d be even better if it was about the Intercontinental Title, You know, the belt Cody brought back, and then never defended? Why do they even have mid card titles? Seriously? This is worse then when they had too many of them..

I’m not going to complain about guys like Christian and Cody getting pushed into the MITB/Title picture, but if so, take the belt off of him and let Tyson Kidd and Cesaro have awesome matches for it…

WORST: Zack Ryder, Summer Party DJ/Dinosaur Herder


BEST: Dolph Ziggler.

Yep, that’s it. He’s a Best. As per usual.


Who’s idea was this? I’m still lwaiting for The Rock to put himself in Raws MITB, but still, that match is going to be slow and crappy, and while SmackDown’s has a bunch of awesome people in it, it almost has TOO MANY people in it. Stick with 6, it hasn’t done you wrong before…

BEST: AJ in the ring, on camera, for like 15 minutes..
WORST: Remembering what happened the last time Cole did an in ring interview.

I’m just glad no BBQ Sauce was harmed in the filming of this promo.

Kind of a WORST: AJ’s kind of a Hoeski.

I like Bryan SUDDENLY being all nice to AJ after she gets named Guest Ref, it’s predictable, but just because somethings predictable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it (Right Vince?)

CM Punk coming out and talking to AJ, you assume he’s being sincere, but he is CM Punk..

SIDENOTE: Did WWE switch writers at some point recently? Seriously, remember what we were watching BEFORE WrestleMania? Kane, Cena, Eve, Ryder, etc..

Just think if we had this sort of storytelling going INTO the greatest show of the year.. What a thought..

WORST: The moment I realized Santino, Sgt. Slaughter, and Jim Duggan added up to 3 people, and that 3 > 1, and I got really excited, then saw everyone else that was already in the ring.


BEST: Damian Sandow.

WORST: Everything that happened after he stopped talking.

Why can’t WWE just let me enjoy things? How is Sandow supposed to get over as a heel if a guy like Zack Raider Ryder can easily dispatch him? Why can’t R-Truth be crazy without actually SEEING a small invisible child? Why do they have to have something awesome, but then just push it a liiiittle too far?

BEST: 1 IS NOT > 1

I like how the entire match Michael Cole was trying to push the fact that Curt Hawkins is SO MUCH BETTER than all the “Local Talent” that Ryback has been destroying.

I can only assume next week Ryback will destroy Reks, then he’ll get BOTH Reks and Hawkins at the PPV, and maybe he’ll even sell a bit during it. But then what? Does he beat up Drew McIntrye? Hunico & (LOL)Comacho? Does WWE have a plan for Ryback eventually that they CLEARLY did not for Brodus?

A Few Notes from the Battles Royale:

I hate Battle Royals, The idea that a large group of people will fill up the ring, some of them hating each other severally, but having to wait till everyone is in, is stupid. Royals Rumble or Bust.

I’m really glad no one got hurt this time (Way Barrah is looking at you Big Show)

I was really surprised to see Cena in it. But Big Show was there so of course cent had to STOP HIM FROM WINNING THE… Wait, I’m pretty sure Cena is stalking the Big Show… Might want to check on that.

For as great as a manager Vickie is, you’d think she would advise her client to stop jumping at or on other large people, it never works out well for him..

And Finally, HOLY CRAP, We kind of had a Full Circle moment here with Kane and Zack Ryder as the final two. Once he made the Final 4 I assumed that Ryder would win, because he was once popular, and then WWE decided to kill ALL of his momentum, so maybe 5 months later we’ll have him run Smackdown for no reason..

In Conclusion:

I liked that this was somewhat of a silly show, but angles and characters were still progressed. And Like Brandon, if Ryback, Sandow, and others are strictly going to be a SmackDown thing, I guess I might actually have to start watching it…